Sharks Michael Muller Limited Edition Taschen

Zonder kooi en met een gepatenteerde met plexiglas omhulde lichtuitrusting van 1200 watt duikt Michael naar de diepten van de oceanen op de hele wereld om haaien te fotograferen met dezelfde precisie en nabijheid als hij deed in de studio’s van Holly...

Artikelnummer: 9783836538671
Michael Muller has carved a career out of impressive encounters. Famed for his portraits of the world’s most elite actors, musicians, and sports stars, he has spent the last decade diving to ocean depths around the world to create one of the most spectacular portfolios of underwater shark photography.

This Art Edition presents the best of Muller’s shark portfolio in its own metal shark cage, with the accompanying signed print Tear You Apart, 2009. A catalogue of adrenaline and awe, the edition includes the first known photograph of a great white breaching at night, as well as essays from Philippe Cousteau, Jr., marine biologist Alison Kock, and culture writer Arty Nelson.

The metal cage, each one unique in finish, is conceived by Muller to allow readers an even more vivid sense of his underwater encounters, as if they themselves were diving down to face the sharks. Each cage is individually distressed to reflect the effects of time and salt water.

The accompanying print, Tear You Apart, taken in the waters of Guadalupe Island in Mexico, presents a stunning close-up shot of a great white with teeth bared to the camera. In luminous shades of gray, white, and blue, this phenomenal image of the mightiest shark species of all epitomizes Muller’s aim to bring the Hollywood portrait session to the “real celebrities” of the ocean.

"This was only my second dive with great whites, but my strobe lights were already changing everything, allowing me to make portraits like I envisioned if I’d been able to bring one of these sharks right into my studio. A team of seven assistants underwater and on deck worked multiple packs and thousands of watts of electricity and power to get the lights where we needed them.” —Michael Muller

Limited Art Edition of 100 copies, signed by photographer Michael Muller. Each edition is presented in its own metal shark cage, with the accompanying signed Archival Platine Print Tear You Apart, 2009.

Michael Muller. Sharks. Art Edition No. 1-100 ‘Tear You Apart’
Edition of 100 + 20 APs
Michael Muller, Arty Nelson, Dr. Alison Kock, Philippe Cousteau, Jr.
Pigment print on Platine Archival Fibre Rag paper, 53.5 x 68 cm (21.1 x 26.8 in.), hardcover volume with two fold-outs in a metal cage, 33.0 x 44.0 cm (13.0 x 17.3 in.), 334 pages

ISBN 978-3-8365-3867-1
Edition: English

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